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Hello and Welcome! ★ online! This is a photo blog by a dreamer called Life Gean.
She made this blog to share her photos and let you see her life through lenses. Follow?

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☆ Posted by Life Gean on Friday, October 26, 2012 at 6:02 AM ★ 2 wrote on the stars

B to the I to the G, B to the A N G~!!! I went to Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour where Big Bang rocked the night and I got high high~ I'm so high~ coz of TOP.

Wednesday night, I rushed to the Mall of Asia Arena with my dear Seoul Mates after work. The concert started even if many among the goers weren't inside yet. We happened to be among them. Boo. I was hearing "Fantastic Baby" as we were going through inspection and it was every fan for himself/herself. I guess they were very strict with the inspection since it took so much time for people to get in but when the concert started, they couldn't hold back the people who were still outside and we were still so many! I watched the concert from the General Admission area which is very far from the stage and is in free seating. Since we got in so late, we ended up in the sides. I also didn't attempt to bring Chaos, I was afraid I'd get held up in inspection, but next time, now that I think I have to guts to do it, I shall. All shots here are from my Amethyst. I can't even tell how frustrated I was being limited her but I'm glad to finally be able to take beautiful shots of a concert area with lots of glowing light sticks, I love lights~

Since I'm very far from the stage, I can only share a shot of the screen! Hey TOP!


Here are some of my fancam videos! I have more in Sakura MoMo but err... Note to self: Do not freaking shout-sing your lungs out when recording fancam videos!

LEFT: A part of Taeyang's "Wedding Dress" where he rips his top off.
RIGHT: End part of the concert, it's not really the "end" but it's before the encore. I lost memory space so boo me!

I fail to appreciate it when idols rip or take their tops off - that's usually followed by the scream of fangirls but for me, I don't like it. Something must be wrong with me but there are exceptions, true. I'm just really not that type of a fangirl. I'm weird that way and I take it that we're a pretty rare case so just imagine how ironic it is for me to upload [121024] Taeyang - Wedding Dress (part) - Big Bang Alive Tour - Philippines and it is the first ever KPop concert fancam I've uploaded. Enjoy~

My beautiful Big Bang Light Stick ver. 3. I may not be that a VIP but the light sticks are my favorite piece of fandom merchandise!
It was only after that day did I realize that this light stick is more expensive than my General Admission ticket for the concert. HaHaHa


Seoul MatesMe, Bea, Tin & Jo!

As a fangirl ending this post, here's something I just really have to blog about. We had Jeju Air fans (the non-living thing you use to cool yourself with, not the person) on our seats when got there and we all got Seungri. When we were on our way out, there were some fans (this time it's the living person!) asking where we got 'em. We said that we just found them in our seats and then did we realize that not every seat has 'em. While we were waiting at Starbucks for our friends, there were some fangirls who approached us. They were asking if they could exchange their fans for ours and guess what?! their fans were TOP!!! So lucky!!! Bea, Tin and I are TOP-biased and there were exactly the same amount of Seungri-biased fans who wanted to exchange fans with us! I'm just very delighted about it that I had to blog it. After that, Bea would rather let me hover my umbrella over her TOP fan rather than her, as if the fan would get sick if it got wet in the rain.

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☆ Posted by Life Gean on Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 11:21 PM ★ 0 wrote on the stars

Earlier today I went to a movie-dinner date with Paul & Deb. I haven't seen these two guys for what's like 4 years!!! They were my seatmates back in my freshman year in college and although we were classmates for just one semester, it's nice to hear that it felt like we were classmates for an even longer period of time. Deb said that he was gonna be there on an earlier time but he was late so I was forced to wait for the both of them for a few hours, on my own. So lonely. What's even funnier is that Paul arrived earlier than Deb did. I blame these two for my impulsive purchase of Amethyst, not that I regret it or anything. HaHaHa

We were supposed to watch "Sinister" in TriNoMa but since it was then only shown in SM North EDSA at a much much much later time, we opted to watch something else and we ended up with "Looper" - the concept of it was really interesting since it deals both the present and the future and how one affects the other but as the movie progressed, the focus got lost and revolved around a different character. I'd say it was okay. After the movie we had Gong Cha. I confessed that I've never tried any drink from Gong Cha and I know I must've missed of what seemed like half of my life or so they say so they suggested that I should go try the bestseller Winter Melon Tea. I'm not that into drinking milk teas on a regular basis like some of my friends do (I even know of some who'd travel to HongKong and still look for GongCha while they're there). I've already tried some drinks from Cha Dao, Serenitea and Happy Lemon - all of 'em had mint in it. Gong Cha doesn't have anything minty right? Deb ordered for me and I have no idea why mine had pearls while his and Paul's had none. I kept sucking up pearls for most of it but it was a tasty drink.

Early dinner was at Conti's where we enjoyed our delicious meals and each with a slice of cake for dessert. I ordered the Blueberry Cheesecake while they both had Mango Bravo. Their slices were ridiculously huge! It was a fun-fun day and I miss them already!

These are our cheki shots from my Eclair. LEFT: Is the proper shot of us three, Paul, me & Deb.
RIGHT: Deb pushed the shutter button too early as I was handing him Eclair so it only shows me with what I'd say, is my natural smile. HeeHee


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☆ Posted by Life Gean on at 10:58 PM ★ 0 wrote on the stars

[121021] Amethyst

Finally got myself a new point-and-shoot digicam today!
I gave her the name "Amethyst" which is a precious stone.
That's based on its color and that it is a precious thing I decided to give myself.

As ironic as it may sound, it's the basic thing that I lack when it comes to cameras. I have Chaos, my dSLR, Eclair my cheki cam, Pea a pocket HD video cam~ but no simple point-and-shoot digicam that I could conveniently use. That changed today.

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