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☆ Posted by Life Gean on Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 11:21 PM ★ 0 wrote on the stars

Earlier today I went to a movie-dinner date with Paul & Deb. I haven't seen these two guys for what's like 4 years!!! They were my seatmates back in my freshman year in college and although we were classmates for just one semester, it's nice to hear that it felt like we were classmates for an even longer period of time. Deb said that he was gonna be there on an earlier time but he was late so I was forced to wait for the both of them for a few hours, on my own. So lonely. What's even funnier is that Paul arrived earlier than Deb did. I blame these two for my impulsive purchase of Amethyst, not that I regret it or anything. HaHaHa

We were supposed to watch "Sinister" in TriNoMa but since it was then only shown in SM North EDSA at a much much much later time, we opted to watch something else and we ended up with "Looper" - the concept of it was really interesting since it deals both the present and the future and how one affects the other but as the movie progressed, the focus got lost and revolved around a different character. I'd say it was okay. After the movie we had Gong Cha. I confessed that I've never tried any drink from Gong Cha and I know I must've missed of what seemed like half of my life or so they say so they suggested that I should go try the bestseller Winter Melon Tea. I'm not that into drinking milk teas on a regular basis like some of my friends do (I even know of some who'd travel to HongKong and still look for GongCha while they're there). I've already tried some drinks from Cha Dao, Serenitea and Happy Lemon - all of 'em had mint in it. Gong Cha doesn't have anything minty right? Deb ordered for me and I have no idea why mine had pearls while his and Paul's had none. I kept sucking up pearls for most of it but it was a tasty drink.

Early dinner was at Conti's where we enjoyed our delicious meals and each with a slice of cake for dessert. I ordered the Blueberry Cheesecake while they both had Mango Bravo. Their slices were ridiculously huge! It was a fun-fun day and I miss them already!

These are our cheki shots from my Eclair. LEFT: Is the proper shot of us three, Paul, me & Deb.
RIGHT: Deb pushed the shutter button too early as I was handing him Eclair so it only shows me with what I'd say, is my natural smile. HeeHee


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