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☆ Posted by Life Gean on Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 11:11 PM ★ 0 wrote on the stars

Today is the Anniversary of Seoul Mates! Happy First Anniversary to us!!! Well, where else would we celebrate such a day but at Song-Do! We have been celebrating birthdays of Seoul Mates in this same restaurant all-year-round. We celebrated our anniversary and the birthdays of some Seoul Mates - Bea, Ate Kate & Kuya Larry. I have relived what happened a year ago, I am late, again!

All our Seoul Mates' birthdays have been celebrated with a cake from Tous Les Jours. This is their Classic Chocolate Cake.
Do expect a post solely for Tous Les Jours cakes before the year ends coz I've already tasted five different ones.

Please excuse the blurry shots, I'm still trying to get used with how light Amethyst is since I'm used to the very much heavy Chaos.


The two Birthday celebrants - Bea and Ate Kate! Too bad Larry wasn't able to join us. He was on overtime for work and failed to make an escape. 

Seoul Mates from left to rightme, Tin, Bea, Ate Kate, Jo, and Ate Abby.

Tin's omiyage, she just got back from Japan yesterday. チョコレート~ありがとうございます!!!~

Ahh~ the laughs are just priceless! Thank you~ We've set the date for our late Christmas party too by January. It is the December babies' turn ~ me and Jo then January baby ~ Ate Abby. We'll celebrate our birthdays then! Oh yeah... before I end this post, there's one last greeting, Happy Pepero Day!

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