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☆ Posted by Life Gean on Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 10:38 PM ★ 1 wrote on the stars

Tea places have been popping around the Metro for quite some time now. I remember a friend of mine stating that he doesn't get why people are all on the craze for these milk teas when it has been here way back. Not jumping in the bandwagon here but I did decide to give it a try, randomly... one night.

Cha Dao Tea Place recently opened near our house so the other night, on our way home, stepmum (her nickname on my cup) and I bought some milk teas from the place. I was particularly interested in their Yakult Blends but decided to go with a classic blend of Sweet Mint Tea with nata (sweet being the level of sugar) while she got the classic blend of Light Blueberry Tea with pearls. Hers, well it tasted bland which I felt would've tasted better if she gave it a higher dose of sugar but mine tasted great. LOL I don't know if it is coz I do like the mint taste to begin with or it was just sweet because of the sugar - eitherway, I loved it!

We headed straight to home after the purchase but to tell about the place, its walls were painted in a nice shade of green so it gave off a relaxing, earthy feel. The wooden tables also have a small bowl of which I believe are green tea, that has a pleasant aroma. Papers in different colors were also posted as a part of the interior's design but if you take a closer look, they're testimonials from customers.

I want to try other milk tea places too. I asked a friend of mine who frequents a particular one... if they had mint, but sadly she said no. LOL Well so much for that one. I tell you, I'm quite afraid I'd pick the wrong choice of tea and dislike it enough to end up not going back to the place so maybe I'll just go with her next time. TeeHee.

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At Wednesday, March 14, 2012 4:32:00 PM , Blogger Soshipao said...

try the froth blends. its wonderful and the popping bobba.


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