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☆ Posted by Life Gean on Monday, January 16, 2012 at 6:20 PM ★ 0 wrote on the stars

Last Friday was ZE:A's Day 2 but it was Day 1 for me. They were in TriNoMa on the previous day but Kwanghee and... I think it was Dongjun (?) who were not around yet. Siwan is busy filming so he really didn't come to the Philippines. It was Friday the 13th too, just thought I'd mention for randomness. I got to Glorietta around past 4 in the afternoon then I met up with Graciel there. I bumped into Christer who hasn't gotten sleep yet because of David Archuleta (who is also in the country right now) and we looked for a nice spot where we can watch and take pictures. We ended up staying at a very cramped space in the middle of the 2nd floor which had a really nice view. kkk~^^

The booth below selling the ZE:A special single - Exciting, with freebies.

I formally met Kris - my doll Roan's girlfriend. ♥ Aren't they cute? It was their 6-month Anniversary!
She asked me how old I was and I told her to guess HoHo! She luckily got it right on the first try! *amazed*

I was also in the company of my other dolls like Topher while Jjang appeared after the event. It started around 6PM, as scheduled and of course, we were ready - armed with our cams.Too busy with taking pictures it is not easy having to find Heechul in zoom, mind you! that I can't give too much details but they did perform 3 songs, with an interview portion in between and the 2nd song was Mazel Tov. I fail... I know HaHaHa and now for the pic spam~^^

Heechul pics while they were being interviewed by Ate Kring. I'm not sure if he really spoke much as I recall it or I'm just biased that way.

SMILE! Ate Kring! :D *happy* Eye contact with Heechul ♥ ♥ ♥ *envious* kkk~^^
What are JaeJoong and Junsu doing here? or maybe it is the other way around... Kevin, you're lost?! HaHa

KwangHee is just so cute!!! His eyes in most of my shots are really like this ---> (^__^) He's doing a kiss and wave here.

DongJun was asked to show how athletic he is so he took off his coat to do a cartwheel as the people cheered him!
He also did a sexy dance with much of hip thrusts in this position invovled. He's still fully-clothed so I could still handle it ROFL

I present to you~ JYJ in Manila 2012!!! HaHaHaHa XD Just kidding, don't kill me.

Obligatory Heechul shot coz I just want to and group shot!

Solo shots of each member from their performances! Enjoy~~~

...and I end this with Heechul's ending pose for their last perf that day!

More ZE:A goodness to come from Day 3! Watch out for it~ This time, the shots are much closer! Like I wanna see pores closer. HaHa 'Till then~

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