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☆ Posted by Life Gean on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 12:25 AM ★ 3 wrote on the stars

Saturday, January 14th, 2012 was Day 3! I met up with my baby brother (by right) - Jaru at Market! Market! last Saturday for ZE:A. He got off work early for this and as usual, I was late. In my defense though, I was really feeling a tad bit under the weather so it was harder to move around. He was already there earlier than 7 in the morning and I arrived about less than half an hour after. Of course, there was already a line but we were somewhere below 20 from the start of it. Like any other typical mall in this country, it opens 10AM. What to do? Well what else, us siblings~ we're such camwhores!

We played with the Fish Eye jelly lens but don't worry, I decided to spare you guys so I'm not dumping all of our camwhoring pictures here. HeHe Once the mall doors opened, it was every person for himself. Jaru was obviously not familiar with the place coz after passing through the door, he stood in another line for the escalator. I dragged him towards the activity center, the line outside didn't matter that much coz, we started to run like hell. It was chaotic, there were two lines then it became three. The girls who were behind us were already in front of us. *sweatdrops* I guess the staff was overwhelmed, or maybe the security guards were. They can no longer tell who should be first in line and so on. Only the first 500 albums/singles will be signed by ZE:A and surely we're within that number but only the first 100 could enter the activity center and have seats. That was what I wanted coz I certainly needed to get closer, like I see pores-closer. Luckily, we made it! Jaru was #93 and I was #94. *whew* and the number of 100 seats was extended to 200 for this day... so we were safe.

Past 11 in the morning, we were done... and left with nothing to do from then 'til the event proper at 6PM. We took a few more pictures inside the mall, had an early lunch and talked the rest of the hours away. We went down past 4PM and entered after 5. I was pretty annoyed with how the seats were numbered/arranged. We were among the first 100 but we were placed on the farthest left which was really in the 2nd row but farther away to the side of the stage (you can see from my shot above - that's already zoomed in though) I'll stop there coz they eventually transferred the first hundred or so people to the VIP area, Jaru and I included. Thanks a bunch to Jenny for saving me a seat! I got closer so I was able to take these! *bows* She was already in the VIP area beforehand coz she won the contest for "I Wanna See ZE:A!" The event had the same routine as the previouus day so I'll just go on ahead with the shots!

Here is a kiss and a bow from HyungSik. ♥

They made KwangHee dance again. oHoHo "Be My Baby" fanservice with more of the other members to back him up! ...but I had my eyes on HeeChul. ♥

At last! An animated GIF for DongJun's cartwheel on stage! I already knew that he was going to do this so I readied myself for it. ^^
I failed to get good shots of this in Glorietta, it just looked like he slipped and was about to fall face first on the floor.

DongJun did more fanservice. He raised his top and showed his abs. This counts as one...
Obviously, I wasn't able to take any shots.. Too busy getting shocked and remembering SungMo at the same time I asked Jaru to share this. Thanks~

...and this counts as two. One of my attempted shots of this had the speaker covering him from my view so it wasn't visible either LOL Jorge took this one! Thanks~

There were many technical difficulties that it was embarrassing. At least I felt that way. They came here to promote themselves and perform for their fans but they experienced that. I'm not blaming anybody or any party, I wouldn't even know to whom I'd point the finger at LOL not that I want to though~ I'm just saying that I felt bad about it... one too many~ *sigh* It started on the 2nd song I think... then they were able to perform but the 3rd was stopped... so that didn't happen *sigh* but Kudos to ZE:A for being such professionals! They handled it pretty well.

This is a shot when they were already performing and the music stopped. They tried to sing anyway and DongJun is hushing everyone so we could better hear them.
However, I would've liked it better if they finished this, coz the music suddenly played again in the middle of it then they stopped. *sweatdrops*

Last song Watch Out! Bias shot kkk~^^ Then perf!

DongJun jumps, sings and... the music stops... *sweatdrops*
I know he's smiling and going on like it was okay but I was trying to imagine just how pissed he was. :(

Last perf stopped, so wave bye bye~ They later on came out for the album signing.

Most of them are really nice!!! ♥ They greet you while making eye contact, sign on the album and even be the one to thank you after! I was particularly smitten with JunYoung who bowed after signing my copy of their special single Exciting. ♥ ♥ ♥ I think I'm changing biases HaHa Goodbye Heechul!

I'm not done! I'm sharing more pictures so let's start with my top faves!

This is my most favorite shot among all the ones I took of ZE:A by far. That's why this is taking full-height in my blog, to share it in all its glory. HaHa
Kevin may not be my bias but the lighting was just perfect. It is a tad bit grainy coz I pumped up the ISO to 3200.

Similar shots for HeeChul and DongJun. The light was in front so it didn't turn out that good.

Although it was a tough debate with myself LOL these kind of shots definitely come in next!
This time around, it is of my and Jaru's bias - HeeChul and DongJun!!! So YAY!!! Lucky~ *wink*
Why are these my faves? Well look at them and try to figure out for yourself ♥

...and the rest of my faves are of HeeChul! What do you expect? (♥___♥)

Here are some yummy shots of DongJun - for your viewing pleasure.

Solo shots!!!









Before I forget, here are shots of my copy of ZE:A's special single Exciting, signed by 8 members.

The day comes to an end, the last day of ZE:A's promotional tour here in the Philippines so they take a bow then goodbye~
Couldn't back up to take a wider shot si KwangHee's cut. Sorry.

Congratulations to ZE:A PH and thanks to Warner Music Philippines!

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At Thursday, January 19, 2012 1:10:00 AM , Blogger nichipi said...

geanie, your photos are amazing!! you are such a great photographer, love all your photos!

At Thursday, January 19, 2012 9:45:00 AM , Blogger Shady Girl said...

thanks for sharing life

At Thursday, January 19, 2012 8:59:00 PM , Blogger HOSHI said...

@Shady Girl: You're welcome Jenny~ :D Thank you to you too! Oh that reminds me link exchange ne?! :D I'll put your link up later.

@nichipi: Aww... really? Thank you Dianne eonnie! ♥ Will try on working uploading the unmarked high-res ones soon, I just need to sort them out and find time to do that kkk~^^ I'll just DM you girls with the DL link for each bias :P TeeHee.


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