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Hello and Welcome! ★ online! This is a photo blog by a dreamer called Life Gean.
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☆ Posted by Life Gean on Monday, January 16, 2012 at 10:50 PM ★ 0 wrote on the stars

Once the signing of albums started for ZE:A Promotional Tour Day 2 - Glorietta, we... my company of friends and I - somewhat disperesed. HaHa I didn't buy the Exciting single that day coz I were to buy it on the promotional tour the day after. I could have, I just didn't know what I'd do with two singles in any case~ I wasn't even able to say goodbye to Graciel whom I originally made plans with for that day. Sorry dear. When I was about to go home with the family, my step mum had this craving for cake. We went around and eyed some cakes from Bizu Patisserie and Cheesecakes Etc. but since we couldn't decide on which one/s to buy, I suggested to buy the cake that I wanted from Tous Les Jours on the way home.

Tous Les Jours - Strawberry Inspiration Fresh Yogurt Cream Cake

Now you know how old I am. *sweatdrops* kkk~^^ but I wasn't born on a January. I really wanted a cake from Tous Les Jours but on my birthday, the cakes didn't last long on their shelves or even on the day before that which is Christmas.I guess it's one of the downfalls for having been born in the holiday season. This somewhat serves like a very late celebratory cake. LOL

When you purchase a cake from Tous Les Jours, it comes with a plastic knife, a match stick and 5 candles. This is a bit bigger than the rose one that I wanted (from the same store) but both have the same taste/flavor. I really ♥ this cake! It is tasty, not too sweet and the bottom layer of it really has strawberry in it. With it being this cute to the eyes, that's a huge plus too! I'm definitely looking for an excuse to celebrate something and buy the next cake soon!

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